Analysis Russian draughts

it would not be bad to add an analysis for Russian draughts such as for example in international , for example does not have a scale of superiority or a computer that can indicate a stronger move, in my opinion it would not be bad to do this. It is very important to analyze games in Russian draughts, thank you, I will wait for an answer )

@kalnap , Let's start with the fact that this is just the name of the rules "Russian checkers" We just call it checkers 64. If you are talking about Ukrainian and Kharkiv checkers, then this is the first time I hear about such, where can I find them? There are none in the lidraught ...
There are only 64 checkers. That's why I suggested improving the analysis for them, because this idea is not bad in my opinion. I didn't know it was already discussed, thank you for the link you gave me

@kalnap , Thank you for the information, I have never seen such options for checkers, surely they are not popular

In general, it would be nice to unify the rules of 8x8 draughts. Or simply create a symbiosis of russian and brazilian draughts. I am sure that then they would become more popular than international 10x10.

@Gamerus :
(1) Majority of players are enjoying diversity of rules. Titled and club players are vary passionate, and it is uneasy to find some titled or trained player who refuses to play under multiple rules.
(2) A symbiosis of Russian and Brazilian draughts does exist, it is called ROMANIAN draughts. In that variant Russian fly-through promotion is combined with majority capturing. I'm not sure if it is originated in Romania or Moldova, but I would be happy if some player could confirm that this variant is played locally.