Hi everyone.... Maybe we could have in the future 12x12 sri lankian or 12x12 canadian, that are basicly the same... And Dominicans and others caribeans nations love it

12x12 board is very good for playing draughts under Frisian rules (in fact, there are more openings), but not so good under International rules. The main problem is that you need to have significant material advantage for winning. Besides, it would be very hard to play on 12x12 under short time controls: I had played Canadian draughts in correspondence tournaments, and I can claim that the whole picture on advantage or disadvantage appears on the board around move 60.

As well, you might like to test many draughts variants on 12x12: there is a program which supports many variants and allows you to create own variant. Nevertheless, I have to say that this program does not make good evaluations of position and Frisian rules are misunderstood there (however, exceptions are rare).

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