A move moving nothing

I just had a small problem in a Frisian tactic.
One move was 46x46, and I couldn't figure out how to do this move when you have the option of taking all pieces at once toggled on in your preferences.
Help would be appreciated.

Like this position:

We solved this by requiring you to play it in two steps, just like when you have a choice in capture (which translates to a choice in 'direction of capture' here). So first play 46x37 or 46x26, and then click the target square 46 (so you play either 46x37x26x46 or 46x26x37x46).

Recognition of most valued capturing sequence in Frisian draughts demands significant efforts for each player, even those who had good achievements in other variants. As well, I have to say that there are many cases where there are equally valued capturing sequences, but a choice impacts result.
My advice for any player would be to memorize combinations of capturing directions which may occur, and it is geometrical shape, but not amount of checkers, that is important for memorization!
I believe you can recognize simple capturing directions: ↖ ↗ ↘ ↙ ← → ↑↓.
Generally, you need to combine these directions. Combine them, and you will get list of patterns.
Yet I have to say that in the opening and middle game only in very rare cases there are four directions in capturing move. However, if you can recognize a combination of three capturing directions, you will eventually find the fourth capturing direction, if it is available.
The things get more complicated when a king has to make multi-capturing move, but in that case the whole picture of the board is more clear, thus, if you see some capturing options, you need only to compare values.

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