Beginners in this site ?

There is beginners here ?
I explain : I try to learn basics of draughts.
I only played against people who play well.


Firstly you can play against 1-2-3 levels of computers. I play sometimes against someone with rating about 1100, but even them know the basics and maybe they can play enough well for you. When you search a new game you can make limits, for example ony for someone less than 1100 or 1200. You can try to do the tactical puzzles on this site. There are many of them with rating less than 1300 and maybe you can solve them.

@Navegare Choose and make friends. I am playing both chess and draughts and, so far, I have found that draughts players are more friendly.

@Nanard @Navegare I'm a beginner and I get rekt in most of my games. I'm looking for players to play long games, since it is usually recommended to beginners to play longer games instead of blitz if they want to improve, at least with chess. Let me know if you're interested.

I'm Beginner too, don't like Blitz so if you interested contact me ^^.


You can't post in the forums yet. Play some games!