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I forgot to clarify. This is for weekly antidraughts tournaments.
For monthly antidraughts tournaments, I suggest a time of 10 + 5.

I suggest 5+2 time control for tournaments.

How much more this website is going to survive? It's always empty. The lead developer should stream coding sessions like thibault does for lichess.

Hopefully more people will find their way to lidraughts over time, we still need to hit that "critical mass". The online presence of draughts is a lot smaller than chess, but should be big enough to have a thriving community here, given enough time. We will stay around and keep developing anyway, that's for sure!

Time controls with or without increment is an eternal discussion, this is a matter of personal preference. Those who like the current situation usually stay quiet though, while those who would like to see changes speak out. Of course the tournament timecontrols are always open for discussion, although 10+5 would be too long given the usual amount players.

I didn't know thibault streamed coding sessions by the way, I would be interested to see how he works and what setup he uses. I don't think I'd be comfortable doing that myself though, I haven't got any streaming experience.

Hope we can have lidraughts v2 as well. :)

Yeah, it looks great, should work perfectly on mobile devices:

A lot of awesome work by thibault again, will surely take a look once it has been tried and tested on lichess!