Centipawn loss

At 2200 rated chess you can have 30 centipawn loss and easily win while at 1300 rated draughts you must have 20 - 30 to put up a fight. Why?

@MyDogBeatMeInChess Centi-pawn in chess and centi-draughtsman draughts don't have same impact. Generally, if you lose one draughtsman, you can't expect more than a draw : practically, the chances are not more than 20%. Yet if you lose two draugstmen at opening or at early middle-game, you are most likely to lose. Centi-draughtsman advantage which is below 0.5, is not significant; at low search engines tend to overestimate the impact of some advantages, for example, higher advancement of draughtsmen into enemy camp. It is why you might notice different treatment of openings by high level draughts players and engines.