checker 64 training?

hello, I train every day with the robot on lidraughts to progress with the checkers 100 . But I can't find a same robot (with different level of difficulty ) to train with the checkers 64? Do you know a site to be able to train me friendly please?

@zweig247 You might enjoy some program like Checkersland (see ) or Alfa Checkers (see ) .
(Note: Don't take proposed evaluations blindly: these engines are still beatable, and they tend to overexaggerate their proposed moves during opening and middlegame.)
However, if for some reason you are interested in English draughts (which sometimes are mislabeled as American checkers), there is a good site Checker Cruncher, which provides free trainings for beginners and intermediate players, by offering puzzles: see

thank you for your idea, we will have to practice now