Does Lidraughts have the translations on crowdin?

It would be awesome to be able to use Crowdin as a platform for translations. But with the amount of text that lidraughts has this would require a paid plan of €50 a month. So at the moment it isn't worth the cost...

I see you are right that they have an open source project plan. I wasn't aware, thanks! A couple of years ago I heard that somebody was paying for the lichess crowdin account, so I never really considered it.

Time to submit an open source project request with crowdin!

Glad to know that. In case you wanted to know, I saw in a discord conversation a few other paied stuff lichess uses for free because it is an open source project (A lishogi dev wanted to know). Here’s the list @RoepStoep

1. Crowdin (as mentioned above)
2. browserstack
3. ip2proxy (for writing a probing library in rust)
4. slack

#5 have already join in!!