Draughts for people immigrating from Chess

I just got here from lichess and figured out how to play draughts. What's next for me?

I would say try out the puzzle section. It really helps you to grasp the beautiful shots better maybe than the first few draughts games you might have.

Try the Frisian puzzles too.

@FD depends what you like. You may be fan of chess and draughts at the same time.

Lichess was the first open source project, and has 2 children: lidraughts and lishogi.

To me all those 3 games are great, however chess become super popular recent years, and draughts have still some way to come. Lichess & lishogi still require some popularity increase, as they are great games.

Cannot wait for more lixxx (like backgammon or go) - this would be something