english draughs

can anyone tell me why there is no english/american draughts version on this site when its clearly one of the most popular version of checkers out there? its kind of funny you have Russian and Italian checkers on this site but English checkers is far more played in the world and yet no sigh here.??

They don't have Italian checkers to my knowledge but Brazilian.

There are many checker variants they could have. Turkish for example. English would be good too.

It would be interesting to know some of the difference in strategy between English checkers and those variants where one can take backwards.

@barkbagarn the main difference between English checkers and Russian or international checkers is that the the pieces are much more dangerous once they get closer to the other side because no one can capture backwards unless its a king.
I'm a professional chess player and i just fell in love with English checkers and its not easier than chess to be honest.

another reason i like English checkers much more because there are far less draws there at endgames because when kings can go like bishops in chess even 3 kings vs 1 king is usually a draw and that's a bit boring. in English checkers even 2 kings win easy vs 1 king and the game is more fun for me personally. and i highly recommend to you to ply english checkers.
its also far more popular than russian or international checkers and played around 30+countris like the u.s Australia are westren Europe. if you search on youtube for checkers most of them will be english.