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  3. European Championship underway

Hi all,

On the 17th of december, the European championship started in Moscow. At the moment of writing, the first 4 games have been played. The Russian player IM Nicolay Germogenov ( is the sole leader with 7 points after winning from Alexander Giorgiev in round 4, former multiple world champion.
He is followed by very strong opponants with 6 points: Van IJzendoorn, Slump, Baljakin, Vatoetin, Traitelovich, Semjanjoek.

You can watch the game on the official website and I show you one below, as an imported game with computer analysis from Lidraughts.

Game 2 - Dmitry Valikov vs Nicolay Germogenov 0-2

Follow the championship here on the official website:



And BTW:

The match for the World title between the World Champion Alexander Shvartsman (Russia) and the Challenger (previous World Champion) Roel Boomstra (Netherlands) will be played in 3 cities of the Netherlands.

Starting 28 December in Leeuwarden the match will move to Groningen after 4 games. The last 4 games and eventual tie-break will be played in Assen.

The site of this great event:

So: for all you draughts lovers, we can enjoy watching the world's best draughts players battle it out in the next few weeks!



"with computer analysis from Lidraughts"
But I don't see there no one note.((


You can see the computer analysis if you open then game link:

You can request analysis for other games e.g. by importing them on


Yeah, it's possible to import games and request computer analysis.

The tournament is finished, and the surprising winner is a 18-year old International Master from Belarus: Michael Semyaniuk. Congratulations to him with his very exceptional and wonderful performance! (

Besides this, again: Tomorrow the World Championship match starts between Roel Boomstra and Alexander Shvartsman. You can follow the match live here!


Four games played, four draws.

Will the results be comparable with the match between Carlson and Caruana?