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  1. Forum
  2. General Draughts Discussion
  3. Flagging Scan?

Is scan capable of handling time correctly? I'm getting very close to "flagging" Scan 8 through ultra bullet. Is it possible to flag Scan 8? Or did you allow it to move faster when it is in time trouble?

(I just want to say I beat scan 8 lol even though I'm down like 8 pieces)

Stop lying, you never beat Scan 8. I looked at your profile and checked. If you think I'm wrong, show me your game.

Anyway, the computer is probably capable of handling time, as most computers are programmed to do so.

Who knows, maybe it's possible, I've never seen it happen though. Scan can't move infinitely fast, but of course it will move faster and faster as the clock goes down

If you manage to flag Scan level 8, please post the game, I'd be impressed!

@Redscales He said he's getting very close, not that he has succeeded already.

Ohhhh, I'm sorry about that. Thanks @Tim .

@RoepStoep I have noticed it going faster as the clock winds down, so I'm lead to believe it isn't possible. But who knows? I've noticed when I sack pieces when it doesn't expect me to. It thinks for a second to see if it was calculating wrong then just takes it.

The best I've gotten is getting it down to 2.5 seconds, but I usually do not get it that low. I wonder if maybe we can get a more knowledgeable(and possibly someone that's better at reacting to captures) draughts player to try snatching a game from it.