Highest lidraughts rated puzzle

Hi all,

First of all, I made all 'round' numbers a special, beautiful, cosmic puzzle (starting from 800), and cosmic numbers such as 2222, 2345 or 4444. So if you are looking for special puzzles, try the round numbers. They are also mostly very difficult! So for example take a look at puzzle 1000, 1200, 1900, 2000, 2400, 4000, 3456 etc.

Now, what puzzles are above 3000 rating? At least the next ones are: (the 10 capture blow of Chizhov)

Furthermore, within two weeks I will finish my next goal completing the first 5000 puzzles. Now we have 4904 puzzles of international draughts alone (besides some disabled ones because I made some mistakes, sorry everyone). After that I will finish the goal of the first 1000 Frisian puzzles.

Keep enjoying all the puzzles!

You start from the beginning after you reached the latest puzzles. But that is oke, because the puzzles you get will vary 'in the next round' based on the rating you have at that moment. So it's probable that you don't get a lot of the same puzzles again. And if you have to solve the same puzzle again it is also good to repeat training (actually it is quite hard to remember all the puzzles you've solved so far).

The more puzzles I add, the less chances you have to get the same puzzles or less chance for you being aware of it that you get a puzzle you've solved before.

Some enthousiasts have solved over 30000 puzzles, so 10000 isn't even that much :)

Please believe on me, I remember that I had got a puzzle with rating of 4000 in the past. If only I could check my puzzle history. Is it possible?

No, you can't check your puzzle history. And besides, the ratings of the puzzles change every time they are played (in regular training mode). Maybe, maybe a puzzle was shortly close to 4000, but it probably wasn't played much at that time and still provisional. In short, it is simply very unlikely. Anyhow, now no puzzle has somewhere near 4000 rating, the highest one is little above 3200.