How is this a mate

In this game on move 49 there is a forced win in 4 moves. However the white king only jumps 4 of the 5 possible pieces it could jump. I am confused why wouldn't that last piece be jumped. (Are these things even called pieces??

The winning moves being 12-17 44x6 18-22
Then this is where the white king according to the engine can only jump 4 pieces not the 5 I'm seeing

Good question @Bobkingmen3

This is because of the rules of the game (for completeness):

Two rules to point out:
1. You can't capture a piece twice. So, in your example, after 18-22, you start with capturing piece [22], and you can't take that one another time in the same move.
2. You have to finish the whole majority capture before taking the pieces of the board. The King on square [29] gets off the board áfter finishing the majority capture to square [18].

In the rules we also refer to a puzzle, a combination, that is called a 'Coup Turc', where you can use these rules to win beautifully:

Best wishes, BBC

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