Is draughts checkers?

I think it is, maybe. I'm used to play checkers for a short time, got fine but forgets it when playing chess. Both have the same movements, IDK if it's the same.
Also please DM me, I want to know more about draughts.

"Checkers" is American English word for "draughts".
American players use this word in communication even in these cases where British English speakers might prefer "draughts" with respect to national variants. There are at least 3 draughts variants being played in USA, and in majority of cases, that preference is linked to established communities:
* English draughts (which are mislabeled frequently as American checkers or, to great confusion of non-native speakers, "straight checkers");
* Pool draughts (sometimes mislabeled as American Pool checkers);
* Tanzanian draughts (sometimes mislabeled as African American straight checkers);
and, historically, there was also one folks variant which is mentioned by chess and draughts historian David Sargin, and he classified it as "North American draughts".
English draughts, Tanzanian draughts and North American draughts are played under rule which forbids capturing backwards by a simple draughtsman (a checker).
Under English rules, a king can't fly: a king can move only one square diagonally to vacant square.
Pool draughts and Tanzanian draughts are played with "flying" kings.
North American draughts is played under English rules, but with very original king capturing which many chess players would enjoy, because it captures WITHOUT JUMPING (!), so that king LANDS on the piece which is to be captured, and immediately removes it like in chess, but king must continue capturing, if it is possible. However, there is a precondition: in North American draughts, a king can capture a piece of opponent, if there is a VACANT square next in the capturing line. My American friends who play draughts, were not able to provide exact information, if this variant is somewhere played nowadays, but you might try it at .

Yes (well i can't even solve the CAPTCHA, so on reflection don't listen to me)

I didn't even knew, that checkers was called draughts before coming here. Strangely, I wasn't aware of the many varaints as well. Well, I guess that's checkers/ draughts. (By the way, do not take my word for granted as I know virtually nothing about draughts.)