vs Lidraughts

Whats better?

I think its lichess since it has more population And better tournaments

Draughts and chess are different games, and it would be insane to make comparisons. Both games require intellectual and physical effort, and both can stimulate creativity.
Of course, lidraughts has less players than lichess, but we can expect a mighty boom at lidraughts, when some national variants like English draughts (aka straight checkers) and Turkish draughts get implemented.
I love both chess and draughts, as well as crossovers between chess and draughts like Belarusian chess variant called "Shabel" ; Cheskers ; Altai (or Taushkanov) chess .

Lidraughts you can talk to the lead developer but on Lichess you will get a faster answer from a mod or dev who can solve the issue anyways.
Chess has a much larger following of players and people to talk to but in the draughts community we all know each other much better.
Lichess has many more features but lacks the ability for individual users to make suggestions since the site is older and more in place, lidraughts is younger and much more malleable.

Lots of similarities and differences but I of course choose Lidraughts as better because they don't consistently and publicly close accounts of users they don't like just for the sole reason they don't like what they say.

PS don't forget about the other scala site

@Bobkingmen3 LMAO, Lidraughts is based on Lichess and yet you say Lidraughts is better? Ungratefulness at it's height.

@stupididiot Do you think unix is the best OS? How dare you like windows better, so ungrateful. :p

I like Lidraughts is better cause they don't ban people for bad ideas when they are trying to help out the site.

(1) Quantity is not a mark for quality :) I bet if there existed "licards", "liholdum" or "ligammon" project, there would be more players than in lichess.
(2) Why not benefit from low number of players and take prizes if they are easy to achieve? It is your chance.

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