Lidraughts Bot

@Libot fork your private repo and change the token to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and then make it public this will not show your token

can any of you dumb it down a bit for me? i suck at understanding...

If you want to host it online you can see the steps or if you want to run it on your computer you can see the steps
For an engine you can download Scan ( Copy or rename the file config.yml.default to config.yml. Create an account and get a bot token ( To setup the engine follow the steps Edit the variants (supported_variants) and time controls (supported_tc) from the config.yml (use # to disable certain ones).
If you want to run it on your computer:
- Download python
- Install and setup virtualenv
- Run "python -u" in your cmd
For hosting it on heroku:
- Move all the files from "./heroku" to "."
- In, change "chmod +x ./engines/engine_name" to "chmod +x ./engines/scan_linux" (rename Scan to scan_linux and use the linux version)
- Follow the last 3 steps from
- Maybe you can deploy from github instead of heroku git and put the token in the environment variable but I haven't tested it.