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Is it possible for there to be advertising for

It would help us have more members. Maybe we can advertise in Lichess itself.

Also, I think you guys should set up the patron system so that it can help you guys sustain Lidraughts.

No ads please!

Depends on what you mean by advertising really. We e-mailed local draughtsclubs about the site's existence for example, and lidraughts was placed as a link on because we asked. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's something else to spam random people or to literally advertise.

We plan to get a patron / donation system in the future, it would certainly help covering server expenses

Well, I don't think we should get actual ads, but maybe we should set up a referral system or something until Lidraughts grows bigger.

The solution is quite simple. WORK TOGETHER.
There are plenty of sites you can play draughts, start working together. Think of playok, etc.
This site is also an example of how things should not be done. The site on itself is great.
A lot of people have great ideas about how draughts can become bigger. Don't invent something new, but first work together and improve what is already there.

Look at the answer in:

I will tell about this website in the main draughts club of my city soon.

That's great :)

I'm curious how popular draughts is in Ukraine? I have no idea to be honest

Yeah after its first jump in popularity after lichess advertised it, not enough people play... I think a title arena of a sort is necessary that can be advertised on lichess.