Play Brazlian draughts against the computer

Hi all!

I am new to draughts and I reaaly feel like Brazilian draughts are great for beginners. I think it would be a great feature to add the possibility to play Brazlian draughts against the computer. Or maybe it is feature that is being developed?

Currently this feature is not enabled in lidraughts. Yet, if you would like to play against engine, you might use "Checkersland" application which offers many variants, including Brazilian, and you might adjust engine strength to your level. Yet I have to say beforehand that even at the highest strength "Checkersland" engine sometimes make blunders and inaccuracies. Site:

I completely agree with you. It would also be nice to add the same possibility for Russian draughts and create the possibility of computer analysis as in classical draughts 10×10.

@HawaiiBlue Developers might consider creating a similar one for 8×8 variants