Play time

There is a possibility in the game configuration to play the Lehmann-Georgiev system.
With a fixed time to have a winner, even if more than one match is needed?

If I understand correctly, Lehmann-Georgiev is a tie-break system that uses a Fischer timecontrol. What exactly is your suggestion/question about using it?

With Lehmann-Georgiev the players start each game with the amount of time they ended the previous game with, until there's a victory.

It doesn't have to be with increment?

I guess the idea would be to have this as an option with challenges/seeks. The effect being something like the clock persisting with rematches, as long as the previous game was a draw.

I will be more specific.
I'm going to create a tournament with an Olympic score.
Fast games of 15 + 5.
In the main game the score will be 7x0.
In the event of a tie, he will use the same time (15 + 5) to break the Lehmann-Georgiev system.

I want to know if it is possible to time the time in this system?

If there is a tie in the first game, will Lehmann-Georgiev start a second game with the remaining times for each player?

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