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  2. General Draughts Discussion
  3. Project: Tjalling's courses in studies


I began to create Lidraughts studies for Tjalling Goedemoed's courses on What I'm planning to do is to copy all the examples and exercises from the book series into studies.

I'm doing it by myself, but I would appreciate some help. This would be a great source for everyone, and might be a good way to promote the website too.

For now I created only a few studies with a few positions. They are from the Pre-Course. You can see them in my studies, and join to contribute.

Best wishes,

I think this is just amazing man! I am a beginner though and feel like I can't contribute much to it.


Contributing is very easy:

1. You download the Pre-Course pdf on the website.
2. You join to my studies. I will confirm you as a contributor.
3. You are free to create new chapters and setup and add new positions from the book. We're copying the diagrams, that's all.

If you still find it complicated, I might make a little Youtube video to show how it's done.

@Karagialis I've downloaded the course already. How do I join your study?

@hindesben Ok, I added you in each of them. You can see that I'm copying the positions and playing the solutions over it. You can add some of the others and arrange the exercises in order. It may be a bit boring, do it as much as you want, just leave it when you get bored...

Wow, amazing, keep up the good work!

It will be a big project, but one that can potentially help a lot of players!

I'm smiling reading this topic!

I support every bit of the idea, and if I can help, you are free to send me a message any time and/or add me as a contributor!

@RoepStoep @BumperBalloonCars I added you both. I find copying those simple positions a bit boring, you might feel the same. Add a few positions and it's fine, it will be complete with collective effort.

Links for studies:

Again, book is here (For now I'm doing the Pre-Course in Draughts):

The naming must be the same, so all studies will be easy to find that belong together (different books, a lót of studies and chapters).

I suggest:
1. Tjalling for the starting name, in honor of Tjalling.
2. Followed by the name of the book.
3. Followed by the number of the study.

So I start with: Tjalling Pre-course introduction (0)
Than: Tjalling pre-course 1; Tjalling pre-course 2; etc.