Purchasing 10x10 set

Does anyone know if there is somewhere online where I can purchase a standard 10x10 draughts set, like you would see in a tournament? I haven't found much from looking myself.

@ganelon So far, I had not find any reference for board size and draughtsmen size in official FMJD rules, so any local federation or association can impose own restrictions as for board colouring and draughtsmen size.
Yet, for practical reasons, you would like that:
a) that the draughts board has "dark squares" in green or brown, but never (!!) in black. In English tradition, green is preferred over brown, yet in many countries brown is more popular;
b) that the square dimensions should be somewhere between 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm to 6 x 6 cm, as well as that there is a 6 mm padding between board squares and edge; so, technically, 10x10 board should be at least 56 x 56 cm;
c) the diameter of draughtsmen should be at least 5 mm less than the square length, so they should should be between 40 mm and 55 mm.
In the light of this, a draughts set like one depicted in is not suitable for serious tournaments, at least among adult players, while for casual players it would be OK.
The set depicted in is an example where board dimensions are heavily enlarged.
One of the most economic solutions can be , but my own preference is something like .
As well, let me make a remark that in many cases draughts players purchase backgammon pieces for tournaments, because backgammon pieces have suitable height: for example, I have seen that some manufacturers offer sets with draughtsmen which are not well designed for marking crowned piece (king) with double draughtsmen because these draughtsmen have small height!

@vercrg I am located in North America, which might make it more difficult to find a set that doesn't need to be shipped overseas, since 10x10 draughts isn't very common here.

@kalnap Thank you for all of the recommendations.

I am in Australia, and had to ship them overseas from the Netherlands. I just started a club here when I needed a few sets, so I cannot help you.