puzzle 1542

33-29 is also good
24*33 *33 *24 34-29 42-38 32-27 and so on and it's more beautiful

The combination you found is beautiful indeed. But I think this line in the puzzle is better because:

After the puzzel line of 34-29 (24-30 35x13 18x9), on depth 34 the evaluation is around the +3.5. With an easy playable position for white. The ending position of the puzzle is +5 or more.

After 33-29 22x33 29x9 4x13 38x29 the evaluation is on depth 34 +1.8. This position is for the human eye quite difficult, it's very hard to find the right moves.

So better for the the human eye and clearly better evaluation.

+1.8 is 100% winning though, even if it's hard for humans to find the right moves. I don't think 1. 33-29 should be marked incorrect.

+1.8 is not always winning (if I remember the creator of Scan correctly). But in the most situations it is winning and probably also here. Nevertheless the difference in evaluation is quite huge.

I keep this topic open for a while, maybe some other players will share some thoughts about this one. I agree it is a bit dubious and arbitrary.

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