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  3. Question to organizer of the site

Will the russsian (and brazilian) draughts be on the site in the future?

Hello, in the future we plan to add more species, but so far the work is on other aspects.

Yes, Lidraughts was aimed at international draughts first and foremost, and we have still a lot of new features to develop there.

It may be an option in the future, but we can't make any promises on that. Supporting different boardsizes would be a major change that requires rethinking many internals of the website.

Yes, I would like to see Russian, Brazilian (and Turkey, English, Lasca) draughts here;) But anyway it's cool site.

I would also as well, Russian and Brazilian, English, and lasca are all crazy fun and if they are added we could easily take over play ok with number of site users. I do coding here and there in my freetime if there is anything to be done let me know Id be happy to do it for free because of my love of the game.

Bashni would also be dope btw.

So many variants, I didn't know of Lasca and Bashni. Unfortunatly they are all on 8x8

On an 8x8 board, there are more than 30 varieties of the game, but not all of them are popular.