Turkish Draughts

Perhaps there are plans in the future on this website will be able to play Turkish draughts?

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.. but we need MORE (!!) volunteers (!!!!!) among programmers: implementation of Turkish draughts requires a lot of work!
What I can recommend for those who enjoy Turkish draughts:
(1) Turkish draughts is played in Checkersland community: see site which offers a program for all devices that support Java;
(2) If you would like to play correspondence games, you might try some correspondence sites. Yet you have to consider that Turkish draughts is not so popular in comparison to other variants therein:
a) (requires free registration) ;
b) (requires free registration);
c) (requires free registration): because the administrator of this site had not updated security certificate, you might get a notification in browser, but you can allow exception.

Besides, I have to say that some players might have an impression that Turkish draughts can be more interesting than International draughts, but it is not true! Turkish draughts requires more patience, and in Turkish draughts the middlegame between strong players is very dry in comparison to International or Frisian draughts because... if your opponent can't build strong plans, he or she can repeat HORIZONTAL moves with same draughtsman (simple checker) and play for threefold repetition!
If you are looking for more dynamic variant which uses all squares of checkerboard, you might try
a) Armenian draughts or "Tama": because of diagonal moves, this variant is sharper than Turkish draughts, and if you are agressive player, you might enjoy it better: sometimes you can sacrifice 5 draughtsmen (simple checkers) for getting a strong king!;
b) Gothic draughts.
There are three alternatives to Turkish draughts, which deserve more public attention:
1) a crossover between chess and draughts called "Altai Shatra": the goal in "Altai Shatra" is to capture opponent king, and in "Altai Shatra" you can't make succesive horizontal moves with same draughtsman between same two squares!
2) Ossetian Keny: in one of variants, both players should make at least one exchange or sacrifice during 10 moves, otherwise a game is adjudicated as a draw (see );
3) Camelot: a crossover between draughts and halma (see ) .

I play Turkish draughts at PlayOK

Or you can try the future of draughts, omnidirectional draughts

Turkish draughts would be great in the long run, but I would prefer if we added variants based more closely on the 8x8 versions we already have, such as English, Italian, or even Thai. I'm not a programmer, but I presume those would be far easier to implement, especially English, which can be played all over the internet in more 'casual' sites.

I'd spring for English draughts. It's really weird how it's not already here given its overwhelming popularity.