Two (new?) draughts variants

I don't know if this draughts variants already exist but I came up with the following idea:

1st variant:
Same rules as international draughts but draughts men don't promote to queens, instead they are removed from the board when they "promote". So they are out of the game like captured pieces.

2nd variant:
Draughts men promote to queens but every queen can only make three moves (multicapture counts as one move). After the third move the queen is removed from the board.
Of course instead of three also a different number of moves can be determined.

Both variants never end in draws, because the every piece promotes at some point. What do you think of this variants?

1st variant:
Your proposed rules will give more advantage to white. Under these rules white needs to play for total blockade of position.

2nd variant:
Why do you hate kings (note: in English, crowned piece is called 'king', but not 'queen')? Do you feel bad in king endgames? Learn to handle kings, and you will enjoy the game! Besides, at your rating you should not hate draws due to your material insufficiency.
If you want to eliminate the probability of draw, you must play draughts under different rules. For example, under Argentinian rules 2 kings will always win against 1 king.
If you dislike act of crowning, there is a better option. Draw is an honest result, and there is nothing wrong to it, therefore, any variant where one side is always winning, should not be regarded as competitive and serious variant.
For example, "Breakthrough" is disbalanced, because one side will win.
However, "Breakthrough" can be modified into "Double crowning" variant: so, the player who performs crowning two times within a game, gets a win. In "Double crowning" variant the number of draws will be eliminated significantly, yet both players would have a chance to force a draw, if they reach position, where only one piece can be crowned by force.


Thank you for replying.
I think you misunderstood me, so I want to clarify:

1.) I don't want a change of rules in international draughts or any other draughts variant, I just came up with this idea of a new variant and posted it here because I found it very interesting.

2.) I don't hate kings, I don't hate crowning, draws or anything about draughts. And I don't claim, that this two variants are "better" in any way than any other draughts variant. As I said, I just wanted to share this two variants here.

3.) There is nothing wrong with variants where one side is always winning. Why does it need to be balanced?
I mean, if the game is complex enough, then not always the side who is theoretically supposed to win, will win in a real game (mistakes will happen).
Breakthrough for example is as playable as any other variant on this site, why should it be non-competitive? If you want to have the draw as a possible result, you don't have to play this variants of course.

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