Update of lidraughts

To the lidraughts admin...this update is the worst thing u have done..

The update gives many people problems. Explorer users are no longer alble to play as they are forced to use another connection to internet. Yesterday 15% of our tournament players where not able to log in. Furthermore I cant say that the screens look better than before. Personal opinion.
What advice can I give players who don't want to say goodbye to Explorer

@DietervG are you talking about Internet Explorer? If so, why on earth would you want to use an antiquated browser with security flaws?

Tbh, yes why would u want to use Internet Explorer, come to Google Chrome and u will rly like it


I'm sorry there are some bumps on the road, that is bound to happen with big changes. Internet Explorer is no long supported, there is no way around that.

The only advice that can be given to people that don't want to switch is to reconsider this position (for their own good as well as to keep using lidraughts), and start using a modern browser like Chrome/Firefox (or even Edge). There are so many vulnerabilities and security flaws in Internet Explorer, even Microsoft themselves advices to no longer use it. Also performance wise they would do themselves a favour.

I have advised a group of players to switch from explorer to Google Chrome. I hope they manage, (older people with old equipment).

If they have troubles with Chrome, Firefox is very simple to install, and works perfectly, not only with Lidraughts.