Bugs and error reports

Ik heb zojuist een hourly hyper bullit toernooi gespeeld van 13.00u tot 14.00u. In de laatste partij had ik gewonnen, maar deze uitslag is genegeerd. Hierdoor ben ik 4e in plaats van 2e geworden. Kan hier nog iets aan gedaan worden? Het is mijn laatst partij tegen de speler "perfect". Ik zou graag een correctie zien. Ik had namelijk nog 2 dammen tegen 1 schijf die niet meer naar dam kon. Zomaar heeft hij deze uitslag niet gepakt.

You're probably referring to this game:

It started at 13:55, which is 2 minutes before the tournament ends, and it lasted longer than two minutes. If a game ends after the tournament clock has finished, it doesn't count anymore for the tournament standings...

Position was a bit different, but yes this game and you can see the result (black wins).
Can I suggest this is changed? Why can you start a game and not let the result count? To me, this seems strange.
If you can start the game, I believe it should count for the tournament. But thank you for your response.

But the tournament clock is also there for a reason, there should be a result when the tournament ends. Consider a rapid 10+0 tournament, it could take a long time after the tournament has finished before the winner is known.

@RoepStoep Exactly, if out of 1000 people 50 were still playing, the tournament clock had to still be going even though the tournament has ended.

That would mean the end would not accuratelly set

It still does not make sense. If you start a match and you have time left on your clock, the result should count. Otherwise stop matchmaking in the last minutes. The tournament will last maximum 1/2 minutes longer. Remember, the site is about draughts, not necessarily about winning a tournament. It is about playing the draughts game. It has never happened that you start a draughts match and the result is 0-0 for no reason. Please think of a solution.

"Otherwise stop matchmaking in the last minutes." - This already happens, matchmaking stops as soon as it is not realistic anymore to be able to finish a game (exact length depends on the tournament timecontrol)

"Remember, the site is about draughts, not necessarily about winning a tournament." - Nothing stops you from enjoying and finishing your game, it just won't count for winning the tournament