Mistakes in puzzles

Hi @simpaticheski

About comments in the puzzle section:
The first question is very interesting, it is definitely something I will take into consideration. The question will shift a bit to the question whether or not we want to add information in general to the puzzle section. We have big plans to add different kinds of study/training material, aimed at specific traits/skills (e.g. training your imagination, starting with a random position and 8 (x) moves of notation with the instruction: put the position on a the board that remains after the suggested x moves). The puzzle section is aimed just for training the tactical skill, not to share some historical context or interesting facts about the problem. Probably other prospective features will be better suited for those things. Now, your idea can be put into practice in the 'Study' section ( and e.g.

About choice of capture fot the enemy colour:
No, that is not something you can expect. I try to choose the best option, a line that suits best for the problem (original idea, difficulty, aesthetics, creativity etc.) Of course you need to find all solutions to be sure the move that you play is winning. At the moment, you already can use Scan after the puzzle in played. In other words: you can look at all variations with top computer analysis directly after the puzzle is played (right above the notation field). Furthermore, the earlier mentioned studies are more suitable for showing sidelines and commentation.
Finally, if I find a puzzle with multiple suitable continuations, I will randomly choose one and create extra puzzles to show the other sweet tactical principles.

Hi @BumperBalloonCars!

Thank you again for your extensive answer! I'm looking forward to those new features (and ready to test them).

For now, another comment on a puzzle:
Puzzle 1479 ( also may start with 3328(!) since black will probably not take 23x21 anyway. :) So I would propose to allow this move order as well.

About 1735: lol, that is bad. And 18-22 as well, very surprising find, what was I thinking:P

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Puzzles are currently not working for me. At most one is working, but in general none are loading. Is this a site-wide issue or is it on my side?

I'll send a private message to further communicate about this issue.

If other players have the same problem, please notify us here, by email or private message. We will try to solve any problem as soon as possible.

Puzzle 1059: on the sixth move (with opposite kings) multiple wins are possible apart from the expected 38-32. My 38-33 (29x38 43x32 etc. try) was deemed wrong. I didn't check 42-37 and 47-41, but those are perhaps winning as well.

For puzzle 1628, 22-27 and 28-23 is also winning.

About 1059: yes, lots of moves and final squares for the King are correct. 42-37 and 47-41 are considered correct in the puzzle (as well as the different squares to end with the King). Unfotunately 38-33 was missed as a possible correct move, as well as 35-30 continued by 38-33 43x32.

About 1628: you're right. 22-27 ends up in a win in 14 moves.

Thank you both!