Mistakes in puzzles

Puzzle 1617: 1. 17-21 is also winning.

Puzzle 1627: 4. 8-2 is also winning.

Puzzle 1676: 3. 33-29 is also winning.

Puzzle 1948: lots of winning moves are marked as incorrect, such as 4. 42-37, 5. 42-37, and 5. 34-30.

Puzzle 1811: It may not be a clear mistake, but this puzzle is awful. Black’s king is attacking, and the only thing you have to do is to make a draw. On a very boring way.

Puzzle 442: 6. ... 46x11 is also winning.

Puzzle 529: 2. 25-20 is also winning.

Some of the last reported puzzles were very sloppy of me, I apologize for that! Thnx again for being so sharp and for notifying.

Is disagree about 1811: It is clearly the best move. And it's about finding the best move, finding the only move not to lose is equally important. I understand you find this puzzle awful and boring, but I think that is personal;)

442, 529, 1452, 1617, 1627, 1676 and 1948 will be disabled shortly.

Frisian puzzle #22:

Alternative solution

1. .. 18-23 (natural idea which comes into mind because of many holes) 3. 24x4 (maximum capturing rule) 13-19 (free tempo) 3. 4x36 (king's primacy rule) 19x36, and black is clearly winning.

Puzzle 835: black should play 4. ... 16x27 because that leads to a "sharp" ending.