Toernooi met maximum rating

Ik ben gestart met toernooi met maximum rating omdat de tegenstand voor mij en nieuwkomers te zwaar is van de routinees
Zelf verlies ik bijna standaard bij koppeling aan iemand met een rating boven de 1600 1700
verschil van 300 rating punten is erg groot.

Optie zou kunnen zijn een apart toernooi te open voor rating t/m zelf in te vullen

Zou het ook standaard kunnen invoeren als toernooi een x per week om te kijken over er belangstelling voor is.
ik probeer dat nuzelf te organiseren via de optie die er is .
De leukste partijen zijn de partijen waarvan je tegenstander net iets beter is dan jezelf.
Lijkt me ook voor de betere spelers.

Verder een en al lof voor wat jullie voor elkaar krijgen en gemaakt hebben ik geniet er met volle teugen van zoals je wrschnlk wel ziet aan mij deelnames in de diverse toernooien

Groeten van Sahatva

Er worden momenteel niet standaard toernooien met rating limiet ingepland omdat we dan te veel toernooien tegelijk hebben lopen. Hopelijk wordt dat in de toekomst wel haalbaar als het gemiddelde aantal spelers toeneemt.

Het lijkt me op het eerste gezicht geen verkeerd idee om daar een wekelijks toernooi voor toe te voegen. We zouden er dan over moeten nadenken wat een handige plek is in het huidige schema, en met welke klok, toernooiduur en ratinglimiet.

Ik probeer elke zaterdagochtend een toernooi te organiseren voor rating onder `1500. (10.00 uur en 5 minuten + 5 sec.)
Wellicht in de gaten houden, de opkomst is heel wisselend.

What would be the threshold for what you would consider enough players to start having some <1500 or <1700 tournaments. Hourly or Daily

For Example. Currently each hour we have about 60 people in the hourly blitz with 20 qualifying for <1500 and 30 for <1700. Assuming like on Lichess half the eligible players join that's at least 10 players which is more than many of the hourly hyper and regular bullet arenas.

Is there anyway to download all the data for past tournaments on who joined and which tournament. If not how could we capture this data. I see this but I just need the players and their ratings not the games themselves.

I could put together a really nice spreadsheet showing expected values for player participation for every tournament type. Also are you happy with the current tournament schedule since with this data I could run an optimization scheme on it to figure out when Lidraughts should hold each type of tournament to get the maximum participation. If you think it could be changed where in the github is the code for the random tournament generation and I'll look into updating this.

Edit Is there a way to get this but going back like a month or two

You are right that we are getting close to a point where this may become an option. But considering that an U1600/1700 could potentially take half of the current blitz players, I don't think a full track can be added yet with the current numbers.

The tournament schedule is not random, it repeats the same pattern in blocks of 3 hours, or 6 hours for the new Russian/Frisian track. If you're interested the code for the main tournament schedule starts here:

These blocks are designed to repeat the most common timecontrols in blitz / bullet etc. There would not be much point in having more of certain timecontrols on specific times of the day, there will be too much variation anyway, and it will make scheduling much more complicated and confusing.

There are a couple of other endpoints to get tournament data.
I think you want this one, which gives only results (JSON):
This one gives more general tournament info (JSON):

Thank you for that answer it was everything I hoped for.
After some thought I do think the block scheduling will be a good case of simplest is best, lets stick to that. I was thinking maybe we start with U1600. It splits U1500 and U1700 nicely, and U1700 is scary for beginners that are 1200, also it strikes a new mold from Lichess.

I have some other ideas to work on

1. Would you like a FAQ written up explaining the block schedule of how hourly/daily/weekly tournament's are scheduled. On the tournaments page you can really only see monthly's and such. This may help people plan to join the tournaments they like.
2. Could we add in a U1600 weekly or daily. This would be a good test bed to see how many players it pulls.
3. There are currently two 1+1s back to back would you consider changing one of these to either a 0.15+0, 2+1. If you are on the fence I can analyse the games for a week and figure out if either would yield more players than the current format.
3a. If you said no to #2 we could replace one of these with the U1600. It doesn't have to be that time control it could be blitz.
4. Is the method simple for you to gather all the games played in June? If so and it's just time consuming I could do that for you.

PS Yes those links have what I am looking for however I have no way of gathering the tournament ID for say the 2pm bullet game 3 days ago.
PPS Thank you for making a FAQ tab under community this is quite difficult to find on a certain other site.

We were also thinking about U1600 as the best rating limited option to add first. Also agreed that scheduling a daily/weekly tournament would be a good first step, and see how it goes from there.

About the other points:

1) Basically you can see it when you open the tournaments page, it always repeats the same. The exceptions to that pattern are the weeklies / monthlies / etc, which you can find in the schedule. I don't know if writing out all the patterns would add much, but can see the value in having at least something of an explanation of the structure (meaning of dailies / weeklies, etc)

3) We can't have all timecontrols inthere, the current structure includes the most common / popular ones. I'd say that people can always create their own tournaments for other timecontrols.

4) Something like a PDN dump could be generated from the database, but not easily right now. At some point we'll add an infrastructure to publish this (e.g. every month like lichess does).

There is no endpoint to query for old tournaments by date/time etc. I guess the closest thing would be, but that only returns recently finished ones

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