Brazilian openings

In Brazilian draughts does it have the same opening patterns as English/American draughts ie you can open similarly to the old faithful opening? Or does it have its own particular opening play?
Does anyone know/advise on good beginners play for this variation

The opening theory between "straight" and "backwards jumping" variants is not compatible (but I like all variants,).
While in "straight" variants, playing single corner opening by black, you would prefer to take towards the centre, in "backwards jumping" variants it would be better to take towards the edge, because otherwise your opponent can initiate a sequence of forced moves which requires good preparation. Therefore, in Brazilian, Russian and Pool variants you can play:
1. c3-d4 f6-e5 2. d4xf6 e7xg5
This opening is not so popular as 1. c3-d4 d6-c5 or 1. c3-d4 f6-g5 or even 1. c3-d4 d6-e5, yet it leads to equal positions, where each side should look for creating complications.

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