Frisian opening theory book [online link]

I found an opening theory book online for the Frisian game.

I think this is quite a comprehensive collection of openings with analysis. I have also used it myself for studying opening theory.

Unfortunately for the non-Dutch here, it is written in Dutch. Although the author had hoped he would reach a larger audience when he wrote the book in Dutch instead of Frisian. (As stated in the introduction.)

We should translate it to English (and maybe other languages), and/or create studies on the website so everyone is able to learn the game. Thank you for the link.
This study (and some others out there) will hopefully help.

The more study material on the website, the better!

@BumperBalloonCars I'm sure this particular author doesn't mind, but couldn't you get into copyright trouble for creating studies based on actual books without the author's permission?

Very nice! Thank you!

Is 7. 33-38 a good move objectively? It feels counterintuïtive.

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