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GM Penguingim1 Fan Club Join if you like him. We will try to make this group have lots of points. But we also need lots of players. Anybody can join. We really want you to! GM penguingim1 is one of the best draughts players.…

65 members

🤔Lichess!🤔 For lidraughts members who like!

39 members

Frisian This is for people who want to get better at Frisian chess. Free-for-all!

39 members

People that suck at lidraughts (like me) we are all very bad play us for free rating hehe

29 members

MrCaptain Kristo Fan Club This Team is created for All Captain Kristo Fans. :) Feel free to join

28 members

Correspondence Draughts This is a group where we will be hosting correspodence draughts tournaments . Everyone is welcome to join the group

28 members

Francophone Groupe ouvert à tous les francophones adeptes de dames françaises.

17 members

Lichess fan club All who like playing chess on please join!

16 members

Regulators Just people who want to chill and be in a club with a semi-cool name. Also fans of me because I'm selfish :)

15 members

DRAUGHTS Championships! I preferring draughts can really good with the team. But in this team, we will fight! We will organizing the tournaments, and mostly prefer times: 3+0, BERSERK (Half the time), 5+0, 10+0, ultra, hyper…

13 members

Professional Frisian Players We play Frisian not as a sport, as a passion! We live with the pieces, we are the pieces, we eat the pieces, and we even drink the pieces to show our love for Frisian! We are intense frisian players w…

12 members

Mysterious_expert Join the team for fun:) We can discuss more topics in the team forums.

10 members

KaasHonijn Fan Club We are the dedicated fans of OG KaasHonijn. We find his late night drinking/ bullet draughts sessions very entertaining and also enjoy watching them hunt weak apple trees on lichess. Follow them at ww…

9 members

Team ErinRosen To all that were introduced to this website by Erin Rosen

9 members

Türkiye Türkiyeli Kardeşlerim hepinizi bekliyorum :)

8 members