Antidraughts inaugural tournament

I prefer 5+0, but even 3+0 would be much better. 2+0 really is too fast. That's only my opinion though.

All right, we'll make it a 5+0 tournament instead!

I played against MI Thunderstorm a few games antidraughts 3+0. It's really fast. I think 5+0 is a better time control.

I think chess IM is more difficult to get than draughts MI.

No, it is not @Hangrad. For example: last World Championship a draughts MI ended in 8th place, in chess that is impossible. In chess only GM's are able to do that.

can we move it to the 8th, so that it can be on a saturday instead of a friday? I think more people would be able to play if they didnt have work or school

I can play Friday but not saturday. Please leave it on the day it starts

There are far fewer draughts players than chess players. Here I have lots of trophies. I have never had any on lichess. I hope you get a chess title and make some money as lichess coach. There are no coaches here.