Antidraughts inaugural tournament

Too bad that it encompasses the Lichess Titled Arena.

@Hangrad It is true that there are far fewer draughts players, but that does not account for the level of the players. To become a GMI in draughts you need to get atleast a FMJD (draughts federation) rating of 2300. That is only 120 points less than the current world champion. About your trophies: there are very few to none top grandmasters aware of this site, so the level here is not that high.

Hopefully this last point that thunder brings up will change soon! is already on the official FMJD site, and hopefully more strong players and draught enthusiasts join the site! And it seems to me that GMI is closer to the chess equivalent of Super GM, and that we can't exactly compare objectively between what is harder to achieve; both require years of player and study, and not every one would tries will succeed in either game.

Too bad there was no network here for three days and I couldn't take part. Otherwise I think I might have had a chance of finishing quite high. :(

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