Best time to play

When I log on there are about 5 to 10 people online at a time. Is there a time of day when the most players are on so I can get some matchmaking. I see that people on for the monthly and yearly tournaments but outside of that is there rush hour.

How does CET translate to UTC or GMT? Isn't it better to use that than make me google it?

So only European players are welcome here. ;)

best time control is 0+1 Frisian

In tournaments, time is set for a 5 + 0 game. I propose to change to 5 + 3. Playing without adding time is hard. Who agrees with this?

@marahonov_dima and others
Do you mean you would like to see more tourneys with increment (especially the 5+x tourneys)? Or specifically daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tourneys?

We added some increment tournaments, but most tourneys with 5 minutes have indeed no increment.

Let's see what other players have to say!