Lidraughts v2

Is there an option to test the new version of (v2)?
I think that there was an option to test it on, when it was introduced.


I'm very happy that the new version can adjust to the window size. The most important feature in my opinion. Very useful on smartphones, tablets etc.

There is a with the v2 interface, but it is behind an IP whitelist for now. This server and domain were acquired only very recently, and there are no precautions in place yet to prevent search engines from indexing it and such. Once everything is configured properly will become public, to preview and test new lidraughts features.

But no preview is needed

Everything was tested, and seemed ok, no need to withold it any longer :)

If you find any bugs, or see anything strange, please report!

The only problem I notice is when (on chrome browser) I hover over the play button so the hamburger menu drops down, if I go to move my mouse down to click the tournaments or simul tab sometimes the menu disappears.

This did not happen on the v1 but it does happen to me on

Interesting, never heard that one before. You mean the menu disappears as in that it closes again, like when you move the mouse away?

I can't reproduce it here or on lichess, possibly this happens only on a specific page?

Recently I was playing draughts on my iPad. The v2 is much better optimized for mobile devices than the previous one.
But I still managed to notice a wired thing, which I don‘t know if existed before, but I don‘t think so. But I might be wrong.
In the section „Open Tournaments“ there are only two tournaments and below the names of the tournaments is a lot of blank space.
It is the same square (like on the upper layer) as „Open Tournaments“.
I think that it should just disappear if there are no other tournaments. I know that is not so important, but such bug exists.
My iOS version is 13.4.1 and I‘m using Safari browser.