Russian Draughts

I know this is a draughts website and all but would you consider adding/has then been a push to add checkers. I think it would be a good stepping stone to get new players on here since many people are already familiar with checkers. It could be added as a variant since it is similar to Russian.

I can't seem to play the machine in Russian, has this feature been added.

PS I noticed a typo (both not bother last paragraph)

Congratulations to Lidraughts for adding another variant! Soon we will have the Brazilian variant. This site will grow even more and soon it will be the largest site for Russian, Brazilian and international checkers in the world.

Thanks Komodo :)

There will be more variants @Bobkingmen3, English draughts / checkers is also on the radar. We don't have an engine for Russian draughts yet, so it is correct that you can't play the AI

And typo in the Frisian rules has been corrected, thanks

Just a liitlle error. I had lost position wanted to examine my oponent from Petrov triangle but altomated draw was called.

I think its a mistake.

This game was drawn because of the following rule:"

If both players have at least one king, and the balance of the pieces remains the same, the game is drawn after:
- both players play 15 moves in a 4- or 5-piece ending
- both players play 30 moves in a 6- or 7-piece ending

The balance of positions was last changed on move 34 by the promotion.
After that both players made 15 moves, so the game was drawn

Thank you for the russian draughts gamemode. Been enjoying it very much.
Keep up the great work.

Hey RoepStoep can we get a FAQ called "Draws" or something similar in the directions page for each variant so we can know all the ways a game can be drawn in each variant cause I know I am confused and so was bogomol

PS Thank you for having English checkers on the radar I know my friends are ready to play once it is on here