Mistakes in puzzles

Not a mistake as such, but for puzzle 1167 it opens with a forced capture after which the opponent has a choice of captures, one of which results in a winning position. In order to get a winning shot the opponent has to capture the wrong way. Wouldn't it make more sense to start the puzzle after the mistake?

For puzzle 2491, 26-21 instead of 36-31 is also winning.

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Puzzles 1129, 1277, 1288 and 2491 will be disabled. 1288 is indeed not winning enough. Thnx jeffreyq2 and JW

In a lot of situations a player goes wrong by trading pieces. It is harder to see the threats before trading. And it can be useful to see from what position the problem arises. So i choose to do it like this sometimes for the learning aspect (besides solving the problem).

We now have 3000 puzzles:D

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1427: yes, it also wins after the dry 39-33 move with possibly the same combination (the opponent can choose to play 22-27 instead of 14-20)
632: indeed, 37-31 forcing is also winning.

Thank you @villem and @jeffreyq2 !!

Puzzel 1449 kan op 2 manieren maar ik ga 17 ratingpunten omlaag
37-31 47-41 48-42 kan ook

@Aike2010 zwart pakt na die combinatie met 21-26 de dam weer af, en dan ga je het moeilijk krijgen met wit om nog te winnen.

Puzzle 1347 has different sequences but gives a fail when 26-21 is played at the 4th or 5th move

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