Mistakes in puzzles

Hi guys,

1177, 2644 and 2980 are disabled.

Thnx simpaticheski, Vera_Chechina and honeybadger

@jeffreyq2 True, but let me give a comparison from chess: why would you would deliver a checkmate in three moves, if you can do it in one move? I believe that puzzle #1296 was given just for memorizing less common trajectory of shot.

You guys are both right, Kalnap and Jeffreyq2. But I agree the puzzle isn't good because the alternative winning line is also clearly winning. I will disable this puzzle!

I keep adoring the quote though: “When you see a good move, look for a better one” (Emanuel Lasker)
But there are enough puzzles that can be created for the trainingfeature that are not dubious.

@kalnap because I found a checkmate in three first, and there is no point trying to find a shorter mate. Checkmate is checkmate.

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