Mistakes in puzzles

Puzzle 1366: after 38-32 the moves 35-30 and 26-21 can be played in either order, but only 35-30 first is accepted.

Puzzle 935: both 27-22 and 38-33 also seem to be winning.

Hi all,

Puzzles 663, 834, 935, 1150, 1354, 1366 are disabled. Thnx again Tim and jeffreyq2.

1354 was a great sharp find!

Puzzle 1521 is not possible to win for white. I think the piece on square 40 should be on 50

Puzzle 1002: 46-41 and 39-34 can be swapped, but only one order is accepted.

I can beat scan at level 8 without much issue for puzzle 1521. How is black supposed to make a draw there?

Puzzle 488 has two solutions.
I played 24-29, but it was considered as a mistake. It shows 21-27 as a correct solution, but when I analysed the position with Scan (bulid into Lidraughts) it occured that my solution is correct as well but it uses other move order.

1548: the winning variant is clearly better, winning at least two pieces instead of one. The puzzle actually has been brought up before. I kept it on the 'list' for later consideration, in case that it will be brought up again.
I can create enough puzzles that aren't dubious is any way, so i will disable it.

488: Agreed

Thnx jeffreyq2 and Supergraczacz