Mistakes in puzzles

So people that see the combination to square 10 should be penalized because the strongest computer engine at depth 39 thinks it might not be winning? Haha, what a joke. Instead of only thinking about what is technically correct, also consider how this affects users that find a combination that is not the intended one.

#2199: solution 47-20 9x25 17-3 incorrectly marked as invalid.
It's very frustrating to get penatly points for correct answers...

Puzzle is incorrect. I try to win with the combination
1. 27-22 18x27 2. 29x18 13x22 3. 32x21 16x27 4. 28x17 11x22 5. 37-31 26x46 6. 47-41 46x30 7. 35x2. But it's incorrect according to Lidraughts.... Minus 30 points... :S

Why you always disable good puzzles? you cant modify/fix it? That is why i never report them.

It is not possible to modify the puzzles, but I save them for later. Most of the times I will put the puzzle back in, but it will get a different number.

For example:
1551 was wrong because I missed one endsquare for the king (very stupid btw). You can't play this puzzle anymore for the puzzle rating.

Now the puzzle is back in with number 4200.