Mistakes in puzzles

Puzzel 4019 has a mistake. After the move 23-28, you can not take to square 42 of 47.....

You are right Gameboy7020, that's very sloppy of me. Thank you! Puzzle 4019 will be disabled.
Great to see you already solved more than 17500 puzzles!:D

Puzzle 640 and 595 are exactly the same, but with changes colours

In puzzel 497 there is another combination. 27-22 18x36, 23-19 14x23, 29x9 3x14, 24-20 15x24, 34-30 25x45, 44-40 45x34 The given solution in the puzzle is better, but this combination is also winning

Hello @Varken,

About 497:
After deep analysis (depth 39) the advantage is dropping to +0.7, not clearly winning enough. I must admit, I didn't see that solution before and it really looks good for white, so I understand your point. But after deeper analysis I can only say the puzzle is correct as it is now.

Kind regards