Mistakes in puzzles


We have some mechanism that helps, but mainly yes, I have to put in more than 95% of all moves, also all sequences because of transpositions etc.

We now have 4300🙂

To be precise:

10x10 International draughts:
4300 - 168 = 4132 for rating

Frisian draughts:
669 - 29 = 640 for rating

Russian draughts:

Total: 5315 for rating

I'm happy to share that less and less mistakes are made in the puzzles, and a lot more puzzles will be added. And it's good to tell ya that the Frisian and Russian puzzles are created in cooperation with other great players.

There is another way to win in puzzle 1352

29-24 3-8, 24-20 14x25, 15-10 and you will have a king later in the game

#3390 - variation 14-20 2.28x17 8-12 3.17x19 18-22 4.27x18 9-13 5.18x9 3x45 seems fine as well