Mistakes in puzzles

Hi, today was doing some puzzles and accidentally found alternative solution after which the engine shows even higher evaluation than after the correct solution. The mistake is probably caused by scan because it doesn't see the alternative solution even after first piece is given. The number of the puzzle is 1798, there's a link:

Alternative solution: 2.27-22 18x27 3.33-29 24x22 4.34-30 35x24 5.37-31 26x28 6.38-32 27x47 7.16x29 24x33 8.48-42 47x38

btw. I lost 30 rating points on this one, i don't care that much about puzzles rating so i don't expect any refund but if there is some painless, easy and quick way to give it back to me then i will appreciate.