Mistakes in puzzles

@MichelStempher 1. .. 24-30 wins, but it should not be classified as an economic solution: you are not supposed to spend 2 moves, when 1 move is sufficient. Therefore, I would evaluate 1. .. 24-30 with lesser amount of points.

> you are not supposed to spend 2 moves, when 1 move is sufficient

@kalnap Great that that's your opinion, but it's nonsense to classify it as worse than 24-29, because it isn't. The Lidraughts puzzle sets would be a lot more enjoyable to practice with if the puzzles were a bit more lenient with accepting alternative winning solutions, as opposed to not accepting solutions that are also winning but considered worse according to some subjective benchmark.

@Tim Had you take part into puzzle solving tournaments? Although they are not very popular, they are run in some Central and Eastern European countries; players can earn titles in them, and there are clear set of rules, and one of the most important ones demands to show most economical solution. Therefore, it can't be classified as subjective or unilateral opinion. As well, any trained player can easily recognize that puzzle #3388 has very evident and direct tactical motif: in some schools, it is referred to "holes", in some other schools it is referred as "sieve-shaped formations".

Hi all!

First of all:

International draughts: 1463, 1754 and 3388 will be disabled, thnx for sharing!
Russian draughts: 135 will be disabled, thnx again!

About Russian draughts 310 (@Trypilec): After 1. ab6 c:a5 2.dc5 black can capture 2... b2:b6 and white loses.

About the discussion between Tim and Kalnap: besides the great thing that there are tournaments for puzzle solving, on Lidraughts it's not about that. Especially in this example (3388) both are winning and clearly correct solutions (there isn't even a difference in analysis score). On Lidraughts all winning solutions should be held correct, not only the quickest one with less moves to play, or the best economical solution. There are exceptions like random sacrifices that do not improve the position at all and the same combination must be found. I like the rule though of the best economical solution, but not in our training puzzles section.

Maybe one day, we create a puzzle rush/challenge feature like on Lichess (and other chess websites). There, automatically, the more economical (quicker) solution will be relevant so you can solve more puzzles in the same amount of time. But still all the correct solutions will be accepted. (puzzle storm: -- puzzle racer:

Best of wishes to you all!

Puzzle 4286, 28-23 is also winning, but is seen as wrong