Mistakes in puzzles

@jeffreyq2 true, but why do you restrain from obtaining extra material which introduces clear win?

@kalnap Because I saw 11x13 was easily winning, so I didnt bother looking for alternatives.

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495, 3641, 4286 and 4487 will be removed.

1116 is not wrong, as jeffreyq2 also replied: after 49-44, the sticker move 35-40 follows with a draw.

Thnx all!

puzzle 1399: why is the kingshot with 38-32 so much better than 37-32? I would say that both shots are winning. Do I miss something? Thanks for all the great training material! :)

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Puzzle 4623 : the final position is draw, according to DB.
When White will get his king and control 5-46, one Black king won't be enough to win.

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About 1399: no, you didn't miss something, both are winning:P funny how such old puzzel hasn't been found earlier.
About 4623: indeed, don't see a way to win there. Other draws can be made as well, so...

We'll remove 1399, 4525 and 4623

Thnx all!