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  1. Forum
  2. General Draughts Discussion
  3. Antidraughts inaugural tournament

We decided to have a 12 hour marathon tournament, in celebration of the new variant Antidraughts being introduced:

Let's make it one that counts!

What a terrible time control!

12 hours is half marathon. :)

The time control is not suitable for most players. We will all find out shortly how many participants are going to play.
I suggest Draughts Titled Arena with 1 minute time control instead.

5+0 Will be the best time control for such variants like this one.

We can change it to a longer time control if many people agree this is too short, please discuss!

2+0 seems fine to me, not too short, not too long

I also vote for a longer time control, 2+0 is really fast. To me antidraughts is a lot more fun if I have the time to actually work out which move is the best one, rather than blindly giving away my pieces.

I vote for 5+3

Atleast do 3+2. Its a new variant and people are learning how to actually play it. 5+3 is a good time control for this or even 5+5 or something longer

I've noticed giving away all your pieces usually backfires on you but sometimes its actually good to do so. Its figuring out what to do and when to do it.

2+0 is definitely too short, at least for right now. I mean its still new and people are learning how to play. If your good at Antichess it still won't help you here. It might be easier to catch on, but that's about it

Personally I dislike any time control less than five minutes (I like 10+ mins at least to be honest, though I imagine I am in the minority there). Longer time controls are probably better for beginners, which I imagine most players will be in this case.