Mistakes in puzzles

Puzzle 4093. I don't understand at all why this puzzle has rating 2911. it's very easy, for the beginners. At maximum it should be 1300-1400

Puzzle 1207: 28-22 32-28 35x22 is also winning, white have 1 piece extra

Frisian puzzle 120, scan gives the following direct win, but isn't counted as correct:

1...8-13 2.36x16 29-34 3.35x33 23x45 (4. 15-10 45-50) 4.16-11 45-50 5.11-7 50x46 (6. 7-1 24-29) 6.7-2 13-18 7.2x10 46x25

Puzzle 1328: 34-29 23x34 27-22 37-31 47-41 28-23 25x34, at this moment there are many correct solutions, completely winning moves are 7-1, 48-42, 50-44, 50-45, 43-38, 43-39, 35-30, and 7-2 which is considered as a solution to a puzzle

this puzzle has missing continuation.
30. ... 2-7
31. 27-21 26x17
32. 28-22 black has now two capture options: 18x27 and 17x28.
This puzzle should rather show 17x28 continuation as it has less obvious consequence, and white still may do a blunder (like 35-30 or 37-31 and lose the advantage of the position)

Hi all,

634: was already disabled for rating
712: agreed
1137: agreed
1328: agreed, I should have ended the puzzle after 49x7.

About 926 and 1207: I agree. Both should be counted correct. It's better for the puzzle section (I believe now). But not many players will consider those captures, it's clearly way worse and less far less easy to win the game...

About 2268: yes, both are good. The puzzle isn't wrong. I understand your point but it doesn't have to be the hardest solution every time. Most importantly you have to find this solution. The first two moves make it clear you saw the solutions.

Frisian 120: agreed. Very interesting endgame where every king of white can be captured in a nice way. Easy for Scan, but quite difficult for humans to find.

And about 4093: the puzzle is not wrong, so not a topic to discuss here the next time. I expect you saw this because it was the daily puzzle. And yes, I understand you expect it to be more easy, with a lower rating. But the rating evolves naturally, so apparently it is quite hard for many players. And to be honest, it is quite an unexpected way to win. I understand why so many player overlook that option.